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About the Practitioner

Elizabeth Gillespie, L.M.T., B.C.T.M.B.

Graduate of the Denver School of Massage Therapy


Elizabeth believes that everyone can benefit from massage, and that treatment should be modified and specific to each individual.  The most benefit can be received when massage is obtained no less than once a month.

Although she wanted to go to medical school, and took a few classes in the process of trying to get there, Elizabeth has considered motherhood to be the best profession she could have.  Wanting to help her husband, an amateur cyclist in his youth, with his aches and pains, she went to massage school and found it the perfect blend of what she loved of both motherhood and medicine.

Elizabeth has shared 30 years of marriage with her husband, and together they have raised 8 children.  She and her husband enjoy cycling (when they find the time) and music.  She also enjoys movies, her grandchildren and family time, and good clean food.

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